CAME Awards

CAME Certificate of Merit Award 2016

Nomination deadline: December 14, 2015


To promote, recognize and reward faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

To promote CAME at each of the Canadian medical schools.

The Award

The Certificate of Merit Awards will be presented at CAME's Annual General Meeting at CCME. The number of awards to be given in any year will be determined by the CAME Executive on an annual basis.

Criteria for Selection

  1. All contributors to medical education in each school are eligible (undergraduate, postgraduate, CME/CPD and Faculty Development). Recipients need not be members of CAME.
  2. Recipients will have made a contribution to medical education deemed to be valuable within their medical school (teaching, evaluation, educational leadership, course coordination, etc.).
  3. Recipients should not have already been nationally awarded for this contribution.
  4. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors or the CAME Awards Committee are not eligible.
  5. The nomination must be submitted by the local CAME Representative.

Selection Process

Please email all submissions to the CAME Awards Committee at

Process for Selection

  1. CAME yearly launches the process with a letter to school representatives.
  2. The local CAME representative will set up a local committee and a mechanism for identification and selection of candidates from their institution.
  3. The local CAME representative will submit a short description of the selection mechanism used. He/she will also submit the name(s) of the award winners together with a short summary (no more than one page) of his/her educational activities supporting the nomination.
  4. CAME will receive and confirm nominations.
  5. CAME will inform the awardees by email
  6. The Certificate of Merit Awards will be presented at CAME's Annual General Meeting at CCME.


2015 Certificate of Merit Award Recipients

University of British Columbia Dr Linlea Armstrong, Dr Pawel Kindler, Dr Cheryl Holmes
University of Alberta Dr. Susan Andrew, Dr. Vijay Daniels, Dr. Jennifer Walton
University of Calgary Keith Wycliffe Jones, Theresa Trotter, Jesse Hendrikse
University of Saskatchewan Dr. Rob Woods
University of Manitoba Dr. Heather Dean, Dr. John Embil
University of Toronto Dr. Stacey Bernstein, Dr. Kymm Feldman, Dr. Andrea Waddell
University of Western Ontario Dr. Wassim Saad, Dr. Faisal Rehman, Dr. Dave Dixon
University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa Cathy Code, Tim Brandys, Peter Boyles
Northern Ontario School of Medicine Dr. Lee Toner
Queen's University Dr. Mala Joneja, Dr. Karen W. Schultz
McMaster University Dr. Andrea Hunter, Dr. Bruce Wainman
Université Laval Dr Michel J Tremblay, Dre Danielle Saucier, Dr Yvan Douville
Université de Sherbrooke Pr Marc Soucy, Pre Muriel Narjoz-Mury, Pr Èric Lachance
McGill University Dr. Joseph Cox, Dr. Sero Andonian, Dr. Douglas Dalton
Université de Montréal Carole Lambert, Stephanie Raymond-Carrier, Vincent Jobin
Dalhousie University Dr. Mohsin Rashid, Dr. Janice Chisholm
Memorial University of Newfoundland Dr Sharon Peters