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Meridith Marks Award
The deadline for the CAME Meridith Marks New Educator Award has been extended to December 8, 2017!

The Award:

This award, named in honour of Dr. Meridith Marks, recognizes individuals in the first full time phase of their educational professional career* who have made a significant contribution to medical education.

Nomination Requirements

Nominees must be CAME members. A CAME member must make the initial nomination. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors or the CAME Awards Committee members are not eligible for nomination. Nominations must be formally resubmitted each year to be considered.

Selection Criteria

The CAME Awards Committee will evaluate candidates based on:

  1. Teaching activities (quantity, breadth, quality)
  2. Development or implementation of educational innovations (degree of innovation,breadth of the innovations, acting as a catalyst, etc)
  3. Scholarly activities in medical education (e.g., research, scientific presentations in medical education at local, provincial and national meetings)
  4. Impact of the candidate's activities (e.g. local, provincial or national)
  5. Research activities in medical education (quantity, funds received, quality)
  6. Demonstration of leadership in medical education (local, provincial or national)
  7. Demonstration of administrative abilities and duties at the local, provincial or national or international levels.
  8. Scientific presentations in medical education (local, national or international meetings)
  9. Scientific publications in medical education

Submission requirements

Submissions must include:

  1. Maximum of three letters of nomination, two from within the nominee's institution and one external nomination that address the above criteria. (We ask that these letters illustrate as many examples from the above criteria as possible.)
  2. A letter of support from the person to whom the nominee reports. If this is also the person making the nomination, then an additional letter of support from a senior educational administrator or leader who is aware of the nominee's accomplishments will be accepted.
  3. The nominee's complete curriculum vitae.

Nominees are encouraged to contact their local CAME representative for support in the application process.

Please note: If your service time has not been continuous please document any leaves to demonstrate that you have been in an academic position less than seven years. Similarly, if you have held academic positions at more than one institution, the total number of years can't exceed 7 years.

In order to confirm eligibility please contact Mary Digout, CAME Association Manager at

Please submit one electronic copy of the nominating documents via email to:


The award is presented at the CAME Annual Luncheon during the Canadian Conference on Medical Education. The recipient is awarded a commemorative plaque and a prize of $1,000.

CAME Meridith Marks New Educator Award:

The 2017 Meridith Marks New Educator Award, named in honour of Dr. Meridith Marks, recognizes individuals in the first phase of their professional career who have made a significant contribution to medical education. CAME is delighted to present the 2017 Meridith Marks New Educator Award to Dr. Meredith Young.

Joan Sargeant PhD

Dr. Meredith Young, PhD

Meredith Young is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and a Research Scientist at the Centre for Medical Education at McGill University. She obtained her PhD from McMaster University in Psychology in 2009. Her research program tackles two main themes: 1) the cognitive mechanisms and understandings of clinical reasoning and 2) issues of validity in assessment in health professions education. More specifically, she studies how learners select relevant information, how they formulate hypotheses, develop treatment plans, and is interested in the development of expertise and markers for expert performance. She also investigates various conceptions of validity and validation, and how these understandings can influence assessment practices.

Previous Recipients
Meridith Marks New Educator Award (formerly the New Educator/Junior Award)

2017 Dr. Meredith Young, McGill University     Photo
2016 Dr. Tina Martimianakis, University of Toronto     Photo
2015 Pre Christina St-Onge, Ph. D., Université de Sherbrooke     Photo
2014 Ayelet Kuper, MD DPhil, University of Toronto     Photo
2013 Dr Rodrigo Cavalcanti, University of Toronto     Photo
2012 Dre Miriam Lacasse, Université Laval    Photo
2011 Dr. Jonathan Sherbino, McMaster University    Photo
2010 Dr. Tyrone Donnon, University of Calgary    Photo
2009 Dr. Farhan Bhanji, McGill University and
Dr. Mark Goldszmidt, University of Western Ontario
Photo 1 - Dr. Farhan Bhanji
Photo 2 - Dr. Mark Goldzsmidt
2008 Dr. Liane Feldman, McGill University    Photo
2007 Dr. Jason Frank, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
2006   Dr. Kevin Eva, McMaster University    Photo (ppt)
2005 Dr. Pippa Hall, University of Ottawa
2004 Dr. Marcel D'Eon, University of Saskatchewan
2003  Dr. Vernon Curran, Memorial University
2002  Dr. Marianne Xhignesse, Universit√© de Sherbrooke
2001 Dr Kim Blake, Dalhousie University
2000 Ms. Joan Sargeant, Dalhousie University
1999 Dr. Graham Bullock, Dalhousie University
1998 Dr. John MacFadyen, University of Ottawa
1997 Dr. Brian Hodges, University of Toronto


Dr. Meredith Young, McGill University , 2017 recipient, Meridith Marks New Educator Award