Early Career Medical Educators

Early Career Medical Educators (ECME) is a nation-wide community of engaged and collaborative scholars in medical education. We are students, teachers, researchers, clinicians, and leaders in the pursuit of improving education through scholarship. We provide a forum for networking between members as well as connections with senior colleagues and mentors. This includes formal and informal events at the CCME conference where we gather to share and learn from each other as well as more senior mentors in our field.  Our members are actively contributing to CAME in order to grow and support the community of medical and health professions educators in Canada. To join our list serve, please email Dr. Sayra Cristancho (

Our Executive

Sayra Cristancho (Western University) & Mahan Kulasegaram (University of Toronto)

Awards Directors:
Stella Ng (University of Toronto) & Sarah Wright (University of Toronto)

Communications Director:
Teresa Chan (McMaster University)

Meghan McConnell (University of Ottawa), Laura Nimmon (University of British Columbia)

Alumni Members:
Meredith Young (McGill University), Kelly Dore (McMaster University), Lara Varpio (Uniformed Services University)

ECME also celebrates and recognizes the talents of its members and mentors through the ECME Champion Award and the Mentorship Award. The former recognizes early career researchers with an emerging track record of excellence in medical education and the latter recognizes mentorship and support of junior scholars in the field. Past winners include:


2019: Dr. Sayra Cristancho and Dr. Meredith Vanstone
2018: Dr. Stella Ng
2016: Dr. Rachel Blanchard
2015: Dr. Meredith Young


2019: Dr. Lorelei Lingard
2018: Dr. Joanna Bates
2016: Drs. Maria Mylopoulos, Tina Martimianakis, Nicole Woods
2015: Dr. Glenn Regehr

After a very inspiring deliberation of many exceptional nominations, we are delighted to announce the winners of the Early Career Medical Educators 2019 Awards. The ECME Champion and Mentor awards celebrate contributions to the field of medical education, with an emphasis on the advancement, amplification, support, promotion, and mentorship of medical educators – those involved in education scholarship and research in our field.

ECME Champion Awards honour an early career medical educator who, through their advocacy, role modelling, and mentorship, advances the growth, success, and recognition of fellow early career medical educators.

This year’s Champion Award goes to two exceptional early career medical educators:

Dr. Sayra Cristancho, Centre for Education Research and Innovation, Western University

Dr. Meredith Vanstone, McMaster’s program for Educational Research, Innovation and Theory, McMaster University.

ECME Mentor Awards honour a mid to senior career faculty member who, through their advocacy, role modelling and mentorship, advances the growth, success, and recognition of early career medical educators.

This year’s Mentor Award goes to Dr. Lorelei Lingard, Centre for Education Research and Innovation, Western University.

We thank all nominators and congratulate all nominees. To hear more about the immense impacts of our winners, we invite you to celebrate Drs. Cristancho, Vanstone, and Lingard with us at our annual ECME event on Saturday, April 13th, 2pm, at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education, Niagara Falls, ON.


Mahan Kulasegaram, ECME co-chair and

The ECME 2019 Awards Committee: Erin Cameron, Madison Brydges, Andrea Gingerich, Taryn Taylor, Meredith Young and co-chairs: Meghan McConnell and Stella Ng

Awardees will be notified in advance of and honoured at the ECME event of the Canadian Conference on Medical Education, 2019.