Abstract Volunteers

September/October 2019 – Become an External Abstract Reviewer!
If you would like to contribute to the success of the CCME 2020, consider becoming an external abstract reviewer. All partners involved in the CCME would value your contribution! Abstract reviews are due on October 11, 2019. We are happy with any number of reviews that you are able to complete! Volunteer here You will be contacted by CAME Association Manager, Mary Cunningham in September 2019 with your participation link and further instructions about this process. Volunteer here
Volunteer to be a Moderator or Facilitator at CCME 2020 in Niagara Falls!
We are recruiting individuals for the upcoming CCME conference in April 2020 to undertake some important tasks related to oral presentations and poster sessions. Specifically, we are looking for: Moderators for oral presentations ( 1 for each) Facilitators for poster sessions; (1 for each) and In recognition of your assistance with this process, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement to document this involvement on your CV/Teaching Dossier. To volunteer for this process please click here CAME Manager, Mary Cunningham will be in touch in March 2020 with your participation link and further instructions about this process.
CAME Mentorship Hub at CCME 2020 in Vancouver!
Have a medical education question?  Check out our CAME mentorship hub and come talk to a peer or senior colleague at our hub right next to the CAME booth! Mentors will be available during breaks and lunch hour (outside of CAME Awards) and look forward to chatting with students, residents and other faculty.  Volunteer here.
CAME Member SLACK Channel at CCME 2020 – Join the Conversation!
Are you a CAME Member attending CCME 2020 in Vancouver? Join our #cameccme2020 SLACK channel and connect with other CAME members in ahead of during the conference! We will be posting information to this SLACK channel about all CAME activities taking place in Vancouver.  SLACK is a social media platform that we are hoping to onboard CAME members to for CCME to provide some in real time networking and interaction.  You can use this space to make comments, ask questions and connect with other CAME members attending CCME 2020. If you sign up, you will receive an invitation from CAME Manager Mary Cunningham via email. Please accept it and she will add you to the #cameccme2020 channel so that you can join the conversation! If you would like to be added to the #cameccme2020 SLACK channel please sign up here.
Get involved with our Learner Faculty Poster and Oral Presentation Co-Evaluation Opportunity at CCME 2020 in Vancouver!
We hope that we will see many of you at the upcoming Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME 2020) in Vancouver! If you are attending CCME 2020 you have the opportunity to get involved in our Learner and Faculty Poster and Oral Presentation Co-Evaluation Program! Are you a student or resident interested in learning how to evaluate posters or oral presentations? Are you a faculty member that is interested in being a mentor to learners? If so, CAME has an upcoming opportunity for you at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education in Vancouver, April 18-21, 2020. This initiative started at CCME 2017 in Winnipeg and was very well received! When you co-evaluate, you have an opportunity to see a peer and/or faculty in action. We will be using a standard tool and this year’s exciting sessions at CCME will be a great opportunity to develop these skills! If you are interested in this opportunity, please click the link below to sign up as a faculty mentor or learner and CAME Association Manager Mary (Digout) Cunningham will be happy to link you with another volunteer so that you can coordinate your schedules in advance of, or at the conference. Volunteer here.

Did you know?

As one of the founding partners of CCME, CAME is expected to contribute to the operation of the meeting. Rather than contributing funds, CAME’s role is to oversee the abstract selection process for the pre-conference workshops, conference workshops, orals, posters, and the educational research symposium. In addition, CAME oversees the recruitment of moderators and raters for the oral abstract and poster sessions. As such, the contribution of the CAME membership to the operations of CCME are crucial.