CAME seeks to both foster and celebrate excellence in medical education. We aim to do so via four main routes.

The CAME Awards

The CAME Awards highlight the amazing contributions of members in our community. The purpose of the CAME awards is to recognize excellence in medical education.

Criteria and documentation vary for each award, so please review each carefully before submitting your nomination.

CAME Service Award

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to improving education in medical education. This award will be presented to an individual who has made major contributions to service and leadership in medical education in Canada.

CAME Mid-Career Achievement Award

This award recognizes a CAME member who is mid-career (i.e., 10-20 years since their first faculty appointment) and who demonstrates a continued pattern of meaningful contribution to medical education. This award is not intended to be a lifetime achievement award, but rather a recognition for those who consistently are working towards ensuring best practices in medical education across the continuum of training. There are two categories for this award: one for PhDs (or equivalent), and one for MDs.

Ian Hart Award for Distinguished
Contribution to Medical Education

Recognizes senior faculty who have made an
exceptional contribution to medical education
throughout their academic career.

Meridith Marks New Educator Award

Formerly called the Junior Award/Educator Award,
this award recognizes individuals in the first phase
of their professional career (i.e., within seven years
of first academic appointment) who have made
a significant contribution to medical education.

Certificate of Merit Awards

Recognizes senior faculty who have made an
exceptional contribution to medical education
throughout their academic career.

CAME Rising Star – Certificate of Excellence

This award is intended to recognize learners who have demonstrated a commitment and/or passion for medical education. This could be education research, curriculum or workshop development, leadership, advocacy, etc, that has had a positive impact for the health professions education community at their school or beyond.

Nomination requirements

Nominees must be CAME members, and each nomination must be made by CAME members. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive or Board of Directors cannot be nominated for these awards.

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The ECME Awards

The ECME Awards highlight champions of those
in their early career

CAME Research Awards

The CAME research awards recognize top
abstracts from the Canadian Conference on
Medical Education (CCME) each year.