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About Us

The CAME Foundation was created in February 2012 thanks to the efforts and vision
of Dr. Meridith Marks, University of Ottawa and successfully received registered charity status
in 2013. The CAME Foundation has a Board of Directors and is dedicated to advancing eligible
activities of CAME for the benefit of medical educators and those they serve.

Fundraising Match Opportunity

Membership and donation have been challenging for CAME and CAME Foundation during the past two years due to the pandemic, putting our grant funding cycle at significant risk.

Fortunately, a generous and anonymous donor has agreed to match our fundraising efforts up to $15,000 this year!


To continue funding grants for educational research, the CAME Foundation aims to raise $15,000 by December 28, 2023, to match the funds offered by our donor.

We are asking for your generous contribution by donating to CAME Foundations in order for us to maintain the educational research grant funding cycle.


The purpose of the CAME Foundation is to advance medical education by:

  • providing support through scholarships, bursaries, awards or other forms of financial assistance to persons or organizations engaged in or intending to engage in research or education in the field of medical education
  • providing support to conferences, courses, seminars, training programs and workshops focused on medical education and related research; and
  • receiving or maintaining a fund or funds and to transfer from time to time all or part thereof or the income therefrom to other charities under the Income Tax Act (Canada) that engage in medical education.

CAME Foundation Priority Objectives

  • Create an annual peer-reviewed grant competition exclusively to support Canadian medical education research and innovation
  • Support up to two educators from across Canada each year to travel to other academic sites to learn, share ideas and collaborate on new initiatives
  • Build on the existing Ian Hart fund to ensure a sustained legacy to support CAME initiatives, well into the future
  • Support the development of new educational programs that use best evidence and expertise from across Canada to help teachers and educators in their academic roles
  • Support CAME in its development of well-researched and relevant public statements and position papers on issues of importance to medical education in Canada.

CAME Foundation Health Professions Education Grants

Opportunities for peer-reviewed grant support in Health Professions Education are limited. Learners and faculty at all stages, who have new projects, are particularly challenged in obtaining support. The CAME Foundation Health Professions Education Grants support new and innovative scholarly projects in Health Professions Education that are not part of larger, formalized and funded education research programs. There are four different grants aimed at supporting different groups.


The most recent version of the CAME Foundation by-laws can be found by following the link below.

Board of Directors

Chair of the Board

Dr. Deena Hamza

Past Chair of the Board

Dr. Wade Watson


Dr. Scott Adams


Dr. Zeenat Ladak


Dr. Janeve Desy

Resident Representative

Dr. Dalia Karol


Mary Cunningham, Manager
Tel.: 613 730-0687, ext. 238
Fax: 613 730-1196