CAME Certificate of Merit Award

CAME Certificate of Merit Awards

Nomination Deadline: December 1, 2023

To promote, recognize and reward faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools. To promote CAME at each of the Canadian medical schools.

The Award
The CAME Certificate of Merit Award consists of a certificate and the opportunity to write an article for the CAME Voice. The number of awards to be given in any year will be determined by the CAME Executive on an annual basis. For the 2023-2024 cycle the initial nomination does not need to be made by a CAME member. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive or CAME Board of Directors are not eligible as nominees. Nominations must be formally resubmitted each year to be considered.

* The CAME Awards Committee has no role in adjudicating the CAME Certificate of Merit Awards. While sponsored by CAME, the Certificate of Merit Awards are adjudicated locally by CAME Board School Representatives and their committees.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All contributors to medical education in each school are eligible (undergraduate, postgraduate, CME/CPD and Faculty Development). Recipients need not be members of CAME.
  2. Recipients will have made a contribution to medical education deemed to be valuable within their medical school (teaching, assessment, evaluation, educational leadership, course coordination, education, research)
  3. Recipients should not have already been recognized for this contribution with a national award (e.g., from CAME, MCC, RCPSC, CFPC, etc).
  4. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive or CAME Board of Directors are not eligible.

Selection Process

  1. CAME requests each CAME Board school representative begin the process via email which will include the submission deadline date.
  2. The local CAME representative will set up a selection committee and a mechanism for identification and selection of candidates from their institution.
  3. The local CAME representative will submit the name(s) of the award winners, their contact information and a maximum 280 character comment for each of the awardees. Submissions are to be sent to CAME by School Representatives by completing an online form. The link to this form will be distributed to CAME Board School representatives in September.
  4. CAME will receive and confirm nominations and notify the awardees by email.
  5. The Certificate of Merit Awards will be presented at a CAME virtual special event to recognize awardees.  It is an expectation that the awardees will attend where at all possible.
  6. CAME will acknowledge each recipient on its website and through Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

CAME Certificate of Merit Award

CAME is pleased to celebrate this year’s recipients of the 2023 CAME Certificate of Merit which promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

CAME Certificate of Merit Award

CAME is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the 2023 CAME Certificate of Merit which promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.
These deserving colleagues will be recognized at an upcoming Virtual Award Event. All CAME Members are invited to attend!
Please join us in congratulating these individuals for their commitment to medical education in Canada.

Memorial University of Newfoundland / Université Memorial de Terre-Neuve

Dr. Peter Collins

Dalhousie University / Université Dalhousie

Dr Tom Arnason
Dr Roop Conyers

Université Laval

Dre Nathalie Boudreault
Dre Josée-Anne Gagnon
Dr Alexandre Lafleur

Université de Sherbrooke

Pre Bélina Carranza-Mamane
Pre Joanie Rinfret
Pre Marie-France Langlois

Université de Montréal

Dre Émilie Sandman
Dre Isabelle Gosselin
Dr René Wittmer

McGill University / Université McGill

Dr Thomas Hutchinson
Dre Ning-Zi Sun
Dr Simon Bergman

University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa

Dr Laurie McLean
Dr Amel Aranout
Dr Asif Doja

Queen’s University / Université Queen’s

Dr Anna Tomiak
Dr Laura Milne

University of Toronto / Université de Toronto

Dr Walter Tavares
Dr Paula Rowland
Dr Sylvia Langlois

McMaster University / Université McMaster
Dr Natasja Menezes
Dr Ereny Bassilious
Dr Daniel Cordovani

NOSM University / Université EMNO

Dr Claudette Chase

Western University / Université de Western

Dr James Ross
Dr Tamara Van Hooren
Dr Laura Foxcroft

University of Manitoba/Université du Manitoba

Dr Sally Longstaffe
Dr Mandy Buss
Ms Debra Beach Ducharme

University of Saskatchewan / Université de la Saskatchewan

Dr Cathy MacLean
Dr Helen Chang

University of Alberta / Université de l’Alberta
Dr Alberto Choy
Dr Jessica Foulds
Dr Sandy Dong

University of Calgary / Université de Calgary

Dr Rabiya Jalil
Dr Edwin Cheng
Rahim Kachra

University of British Columbia / Université de la Colombie-Britannique

Dr Meera Anand
Ms Carolyn Canfield
Dr Harpinder Nagi

CAME Certificate of Merit Award and Rising star Certificate of Excellence.

CAME is pleased to celebrate the recipients of the 2022 CAME Certificate of Merit and Rising star Certificate of Excellence. 

Please join us in congratulating these individuals for their commitment to medical education in Canada!


CAME Certificate of Merit Award

CAME is pleased to celebrate the recipients of the 2022 CAME Certificate of Merit which promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

Please join us in congratulating these individuals for their commitment to medical education in Canada!

Past Certificate of Merit Award Recipients

2021 – Dr. Theresa van der Goes, Dr. Parvathy Nair, Dr. Cary Cuncic

2020 – Dr. Carmen Larsen, Dr. Shavaun MacDonald, Dr. Peter Choi

2019 – Dr Maria Hubinette, Dr Adrian Yee, Dr Beth Watt

2018 – Dr Brenda Hardie, Dr Adam Peets, Dr Joana Gil-Mohapel

2017 – Dr Sam Stewart, Dr Sarah Gray, Dr Olusegun Oyedele

2016 – Dr Sarah Brears, Dr Kiran Veerapen, Dr Dawn Cooper

2015 – Dr. Linlea Armstrong, Dr. Pawel Kindler, Dr. Cheryl Holmes

2014 – Dr. William Godolphin, Dr. Trent J. Smith, Dr. Marjon Blouw

2013 – Dr. Steven Chang, Dr. Paul Kliffer, Dr. Jill McEwen

2012 – Dr. Savvas Nicolao, Dr. Stan Bardal, Dr. Andrea Gingerich

2011 – Dr. Luke Chen, Dr. Paul Mackey, Dr. Judy Vestrup

2010 – Dr. Elizabeth Fonger, Dr. Claudia Krebs, Dr. Patrick Rowe

2009 – Dr. Geoff Payne, Dr. Bruce Crawford,  Dr. Gurdeep Parhar

2008 – Dr. Kathy Gaul, Dr. Galt Wilson, Dr. Janette McMillan

2007 – Dr. Ravi Sidhu, Dr. Niamh Kelly, Dr. Ian Scott

2006 – Dr. Joan Fraser,Dr. Sharon Salloum, Dr. Jean Jamieson

2005 – Dr. Mark Broudo

2004 – Dr. George Pachev

2003 – N/A

2002 – Dr. Marquis Fortin, Dr. Serge Quérin, Dr. Jean-Victor Patenaude

2021 – Dr. Tammy McNab, Dr. Elaine Yacyshyn, Dr. Curtiss Boyington

2020 – Dr. Alan McMahon, Dr. Karen Forbes, Dr. Andrew Scarfe

2019 – Dr Fiona Lawson, Dr Anil Walji, Dr Edward Masson

2018 – Dr Ron Oswald, Dr Brian Sonnenberg, Dr Helen Steed

2017 – Dr Lawrence Cheung, Dr Martin Moran, Dr Lyn Sonnenberg

2016 – Dr Jonathan Duff, Dr Allan Ho, Dr Amy Tan

2015 – Dr. Susan Andrew, Dr. Vijay Daniels, Dr. Jennifer Walton

2014 – Dr. William A. Dafoe, Dr. Kent Stobart, Dr. Lana Bistritz

2013 – Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean, Dr. Ronald Damant, Dr. Darryl Rolfson

2012 – Dr. Maury Pinsk, Dr. Keith Rourke

2011 – Dr. Marcia Clark, Dr. Anna Oswald

2010 – Dr. Laurie Mereu, Dr. Rachel Milner

2009 – Dr. Ramona Kearney

2008 – Dr. Clarence Wong, Dr. Jasneet Parmar

2007 – Dr. Sarah Forgie, Dr. Ron Damant

2006 – Dr. Margaret Sagle, Dr. Karen Madsen

2005 – Dr. George Hunter, Dr. Chris de Gara

2004 – Dr. Valerie Capstick, Dr. David Begg

2003 – N/A

2002 – Dr. David Rayner,  Dr. T.K. Lee

2021 – Dr. Melinda Davis, Dr. Martina Kelly, Dr. Aliya Kassam

2020 – Dr. Amanda Roze des Ordons, Mr. Mike Paget

2019 – Dr Susan Bannister, Dr Tom Rosenal

2018 – Dr Adrian Harvey, Dr Vincent Grant, Dr Gregory Kline

2017 – Dr Kelly Albrecht, Dr Paula Pearce, Dr Murray Lee

2016 – Dr Hanan Bassyouni, Dr Marcia Clark, Dr Lori Montgomery

2015 – Dr. Keith Wycliffe Jones, Dr. Theresa Trotter, Dr. Jesse Hendrikse

2014 – Dr. Ian Wishart, Dr. Lara Nixon, Dr. Fabiola Aparicio-Ting

2013 – Dr. Wes Jackson, Dr. Irene Ma,  Dr. Guido van Marle

2012 – Dr. Jason Lord, Dr. Steve Simpson, Dr. David Keegan

2011 – Dr. Philip Stokes, Dr. Karen Valentine

2010 – Dr. Heather Armson, Dr. Jacques Bouchard

2009 – Dr. William Fletcher, Dr. Otto Rorstad

2008 – Dr. Deirdre Jenkins, Dr. Tyrone Donnon

2007 – Dr. Ian Walker, Dr. Ian Rigby, Dr. Lisa Welikovitch, Dr. Kristin Fraser

2006 – Dr. Jeffrey Schaefer,  Dr. Kevin Busche

2005 – Dr. Joanna Todesco, Dr. Lauren Zanussi

2004 – Dr. Lois Donovan, Dr. Sylvain Coderre

2003 – Dr. Lory Laing, Dr. Cecilia Baxter

2002 – Dr. Ward Flemons

2021 – Dr. Tara Lee

2020 – Dr. Nigel Rawlings

2019 – Dr Rashmi Bhargava

2018 – Dr Maryam Mehtar

2017 – Dr Marla Davidson

2016 – Dr Mateen Raazi

2015 – Dr. Rob Woods

2014 – Dr. James W. Barton

2013 – Dr. Meredith McKague

2012 – Dr. Jawahar Kalra

2011 – Dr. Heather Ward

2010 – Dr. Greg Malin

2009 – Dr. Kalyani Premkumar

2008 – Dr. Gisele Ferguson

2007 – Dr. Brian Geller, Dr. Peter Kapusta

2006 – Dr. Anurag Saxena

2005 – Dr. Theresa Bradel

2004 – Dr. Donna Shepand

2003 – Dr. Pamela Veale, Dr. Bruce Wright

2002 – Dr. Kurt Williams

2021 – Dr. Francis Amara

2020 – Dr. George Zhanel, Dr. Marcia Anderson

2019 – Dr Larry Tan, Dr Michael Teschuk

2018 – Dr Aviva Goldberg, Dr Michael West

2017 – Dr Diane Moddemann

2016 – Dr Wil Fleisher

2015 – Dr. Heather Dean, Dr. John Embil

2014 – Dr. Keevin Bernstein, Dr. José François

2013 – Dr. Marilyn Singer, Dr. Don Smythe

2012 – Dr. Merrill Pauls, Dr. Joanna Hamilton

2011 – Dr. Robert Brown, Dr. Eunice Gill

2010 – Dr. Ming Ka Chan, Dr. David O’Hagan

2009 – Dr. Ken van Ameyde

2008 – Dr. Barry Cohen

2007 – Dr. Bryan Magwood

2006 – Dr. Bruce Martin

2005 – Dr. Rudy Danzinger

2004 – Dr. Oscar Casiro

2003 – Dr. James Parker

2002 – Dr. Cheryl Krstijanson

2021 – Dr. Mark Fefergrad, Dr. Latika Nirula, Dr. David Chan

2020 – Dr. Lindsay Baker, Dr. David Wiljer, Dr. Risa Bordman

2019 – Dr Sue Glover Takahashi, Dr Umberin Najeeb, Dr Sophie Soklaridis

2018 – Dr Nicole Woods, Dr Rick Penciner

2017 – Dr Cynthia Whitehead, Dr Paolo Campisi, Dr Maria Mylolopolous

2016 – Dr Joyce Nyhof-Young, Dr Peter Selby, Dr Eric Yu

2015 – Dr. Stacey Bernstein, Dr. Kymm Feldman, Dr. Andrea Waddell

2014 – Dr. Raed Jad Hawa, Dr. Jeannette Goguen

2013 – Dr. Vito Forte,  Dr. Shirley Lee, Lynfa Stroud

2012 – Dr. Brian Wong,  Dr. Jamie Meuser,Dr. Debra Elman

2011 – Dr. Shiphra Ginsburg, Dr. Linda Sugar

2010 – Dr. Pamela Catton,  Dr. Wayne Gold

2009 – Dr. Daniel Panisko, Dr. Brian Simmons, Dr. Phyllis Glanc

2008 – Dr. Julie Maggi, Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos, Dr. Dimitri Anastakis

2007 – Dr. Ann Jefferies, Dr. Ivy Oandasan, Dr. John Kingdom

2006 – Dr. John Bohnen, Dr. William Chapman, Dr. David Tannenbaum

2005 – Dr. Karen Leslie, Dr. Helen MacRae, Dr. Richard Pittini

2004 – Dr. Risa Freeman, Dr. Mary Bell, Dr. Ian Johnson

2003 – N/A

2002 – N/A

2021 – Dr. Yiannis Iordanous, Dr. Alice Tsui

2020 – Dr. Teresa Van Deven, Dr. Daniel Grushka, Dr. Sandra Northcott

2019 – Dr Jamie Wickett, Dr Fabiana Caetano Crowley

2018 – Dr George Kim, Dr Jennifer Vergel De Dios

2017 – Dr Hariharan Iyer, Dr. Scott McKay

2016 – Dr Kevin Fung, Dr SheriLynn Kane, Dr Cyrus Hsia

2015 – Dr. Wassim Saad, Dr. Faisal Rehman, Dr. Dave Dixon

2014 – Dr. Michele Weir, Dr. Mariamma Joseph, Dr. Claude Kortas

2013 – Dr. Anna Faris, Dr. Carla Garcia, Dr. Michael Ott

2012 – Dr. Eric Wong, Dr. Shannon Venance

2011 – Robbie Stein, Kathryn Myers

2010 – John Howard, Ken Leslie

2009 – Terri Paul, Chris Watling

2008 – Sal Spadafora, Marjorie Johnson

2007 – Irene Hramiak, Clare Mitchell

2006 – David Colby, William McCauley

2005 – Lois Champion, Karen Fruetel

2004 – Michael Rieder, Stephen Wetmore

2003 – John Fuller, Peter Flanagan

2002 – Peter Haase, Jeff Nisker

2021 – Dr. Sandy Tse, Dr. Nikhil Rastogi, Dr. Louise Murray 

2020 – Dr. Matthew Roberts, Dr. Michael Froeschl, Dr. Isabelle Burnier

2019 – Dr Andrew Wiens, Dr Michael Hirsh, Dr Christine De Meulemeester

2018 – Dr Jean Philippe Vaccani, Dr Alison Eyre

2017 – Dr Gary Viner, Dr Daniel Dubois

2016 – Dr Eric Wooltorton, Dr Vladimir Contreras- Dominguez

2015 – Dre Cathy Code, Dr Tim Brandys, Dr Peter Boyles

2014 – Dr. Heather Clark, Dr. Catharine J. Robertson, Dr. Pierre Fortier

2013 – Clare Gray, Wade Gofton, Anne McCarthy

2012 – Patti Murphy, Suzan Dojeiji, Shirley Chou

2011 – Anna Byszewski, Louise Laramee, Hilary Writer

2010 – Alan Chaput, Marie-Helene Chomienne, Heather Lochnan

2009 – Jacqueline Carnegie, Jolanta Karpinski, Denis Chauret

2008 – Ala Jalali, Alison Dugan

2007 – Robert Bell, Barbara Power

2006 – Pierre Bourque, Sue Humphrey-Murto

2005 – John Leddy, Lisa Moore

2004 – Lyne Pitre, Andre Peloquin

2003 – N/A

2002 – Erin Keely

2021 – Dr. Ed Hirvi

2020 – Dr. Stacy Desilets

2019 – Dr Tara Baldisera

2018 – Dr Tom Crichton

2017 – Dr Christine Kupsh

2016 – Dr Robert Anderson

2015 – Dr. Lee Toner

2014 – Dr. Tara Tomlinson Baron

2013 – Dr. Rachel Ellaway

2012 – Dr. Richard Almond

2011 – Dr. Jacques Abourbih

2010 – Dr. Brian Ross

2009 – Chris Decker

2021 – Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Brent Wolfrom

2020 – Dr. Andrea Guerin, Dr. Joseph Newbigging

2019 – Dr Laura McEwen, Dr Andrew Hall

2018 – Dr Randy Wax, Dr David Taylor

2017 – Dr Louise Rang, Dr Amy Acker

2016 – Dr Melanie T. Jaeger, Dr J. Damon Dagnone

2015 – Dr. Mala Joneja, Dr Karen W. Schultz

2014 – Dr Robert J. Connelly, Dr Michelle Gibson

2013 – Dr Ted Ashbury, Dr Heather Murray

2012 – Dr Dan Howes, Dr Christopher Smith

2011 – Dr Lindsay Davidson, Dr Jane Griffiths

2010 – Dr Henry Averns, Dr Robert Siemens

2019 – Dr Jessica Burjorjee, Dr Robert Reid

2008 – Dr Stephanie Baxter, Dr Ross Walker

2007 – Dr Gregory Davies, Dr John Matthews

2006 – Dr Catherine de Metz, Dr Jennifer McKenzie

2005 – Dr Christine Collier, Dr Ben Chen

2004 – Dr Dale Mercer

2003 – Dr Dianne Delva

2002 – Dr Susan Moffatt

2021 – Dr. Keyna Bracken, Dr. Matthew Sibbald, Dr. Karl Stobbe

2020 – Dr. Meredith Vanstone, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Dr. Anne Wong

2019 – Dr Joyce Zazulak, Dr Lawrence Grierson, Dr Fiona Smaill

2018 – Dr PJ Devereaux, Dr Sharon Marr, Dr Ana Hategan

2017 – Dr Shariq Haider, Dr David Callen, Dr Azim Gangji

2016 – Dr Murray Potter, Dr Marcel Dore

2015 – Dr Andrea Hunter, Dr Bruce Wainman

2014 – Dr Christina Grant, Dr Eli Rabin, Dr Lori Whitehead

2013 – N/A

2012 – Dr Kelly Dore, Dr Bruno DiGravio, Dr Moyez Ladhani

2011 – Dr Karen Finlay, Dr Valerie Mueller

2010 – Dr Sarah Garside, Dr Mary Jackson, Dr Stephen Kelly

2019 – Dr Ameen Patel, Dr Karen McAssey, Dr Brian Kerley

2008 – Dr Lindsay Jane Goerge, Dr William Harper

2007 – Dr Rob Whyte, Dr Mona Misra

2006 – Dr Denise Marshall, Dr Lennox Huang

2005 – Dr Kathryn MacDonald, Dr Amie Cullimore

2004 – Dr Kevin Eva, Dr Harold Reiter

2003 – Dr Anthony Levinson, Dr Steve Puchalski

2002 – N/A

2021 – Dre Elise Martel, Dre Julie Thériault, Dre Anne-Marie Pinard

2020 – Dre Linda Nadeau, Dr Jean Ouellet, Dr Frédéric Simon Hould

2019 – Dre Michèle Morin, Dre Mireille Grégoire, Dr Raymond Thibodeau

2018 – Dre Julie Fortin, Dr Mathieu Leboeuf, Dr Robert Delage

2017 – Dre Marie-Marthe Thibeault, Dr Pierre Beaupré, Dr Pierre Leclerc

2016 – Dre Louise Côté, Dre Diane Comeau, Dr Jean Maziade

2015 – Dr Michel J Tremblay, Dre Danielle Saucier, Dr Yvan Douville

2014 – Dr Bernard Tetu, Dr Eric Philippe, Dr Jean-Pierre Beauchemin

2013 – Dr Nathalie Gingras, Dr Lucie Rochefort, Dr Sylvie Trottier

2012 – Dr Johanne Theoret, Dr Gaetan Brochu, Dr Claude Topping

2011 – Dr Joan Glenn, Dr Carole Ratté, Dr Gilles Lortie

2010 – Dr Norma Bélanger, Dr Vincent Bernier, Dr Claire Hudon

2009 – Dr Ghislain Brousseau, Dr François Ratte, Dr Guy Beland

2008 – Dr Gilles Chiniara, Dr Claude Parent, Dr Andre Bilodeau

2007 – Dr Denis Beauchamp, Dr Renee Turgeon, Dr Gaetane Routhier

2006 – Dr Luc Cote et son equipe

2005 – Dr Patricia-Ann Laughrea, Dr Francois Leblanc, Dr Julie Theriault

2004 – Dr Paul Rene de Cotret, Dr Pierre Leblond

2003 – Dr Adrien Bastide, Dr Pierre Leblanc

2002 – N/A

2021 – Pre Martine Chamberland, Pr Éric Lavoie, Pr Julian Savage

2020 – Pr Bernard Martineau, Pr Frédéric Balg, Pre Annie Ouellet

2019 – Pr Luc Lanthier, Pre Marie-Claude Arsenault, Pre Marianne Coutu

2018 – Pr Doan Hoa Do, Pr Louis Gagnon, Pre Micheline Boucher

2017 – Pre Anne-Marie Boire-Lavigne, Pr Frédéric Bernier, Pre Nathalie Gagnon

2016 – Pre Sophie Desindes, Pre Luce Pélissier Simard, Pr Martin Plaisance

2015 – Pr Marc Soucy, Pre Muriel Narjoz-Mury, Pr Éric Lachance

2014 – Pr Jean-Patrice Baillargeon, Pr Paul Chaisson, Pre Chantal Vallée

2013 – Pr Jean-Daniel Baillargeon, PreSharon Hatcher, Pre Ghislaine Houde

2012 – Pre Carolle Bernier, Pr Robert Sabbagh, Pre Cecile Trochet

2011 – Pre Isabelle Alarie, Pr Gilles Martel, Pre Melanie Masse

2010 – Pr Claude Cyr, Pre Line Langlois, Pre Anne Méziat-Burdin

2009 – Pre Marie Giroux, Pre Colette Girardin, Pre Anne Harvey

2008 – Pre Ann Graillon, Pr Jacques-Philippe Faucher, Pr Gilles Girard

2007 – Pre Diane Clavet, Pr Darel Hunting, Pre Odette Pinsonneault

2006 – Pr Paul Bessette, Pre Eve-Reine Gagne, Pr Serge Langevin

2005 – Pr Vincent Echave, Pr Brendan Kenny, Pr Daniel Cote

2004 – Pr Pierre Charron, Pre Colette Bellavance

2003 – Pre Dominique Dorion, Pr André Rioux

2002 – Pr Guy Waddel, Pre Danielle Bourgaux

2021 – Dre Joanne Alfieri, Dre Aliki Thomas, Dr Robert Sternszus

2020 – Dr Geoffroy Noel, Dr Fraser Moore, Dre Ilana Bank

2019 – Dr Gail Myhr, Dr Stuart Lubarsky, Dr Fady Mansour

2018 – Dre Melina Vassiliou. Dr Barry Slapcoff, Dr Todd McConnell

2017 – Dr Sarkis Meterissian, Dr Laurie Plotnick, Dr David Ragsdale

2016 – Dr Devinder Cheema, Dr Preetha Krishnamoorthy, Dr Paul Wieczorek

2015 – Dr Joseph Cox, Dr Sero Andonian, Dr Douglas Dalton

2014 – Dr. Ari N. Meguerditchian, Dr. Lily Ha-Nam P. Nguyen, Dr. Kevin Schwartzman

2013 – Dr Terry Hebert, Dr Leonora Lalla, Dr Kevin Waschke

2012 – Beth Cummings, David Dawson, Togas Tulandi

2011 – Brian Arthurs, Michael Rasminsky, Anne Wechsler

2010 – Radan Capek, Thomas Maniatis, Celia Rodd

2009 – Richard Gosselin, Armand Aalamian, Madhukar Pai

2008 – Jeff Wiseman, Lisa Graves, Peter Braun

2007 – Garth Bray, Ron Gottesman, Saleem Razack

2006 – Srinivasan Krishnamurthy, David McGillivray, Sandra Miller

2005 – Wendy MacDonald, Suzanne Morin, Eugene Daniels

2004 – Miriam Boillat, James Brawer

2003 – Pierre-Paul Tellier, Joyce Pickering, Bernie Unikowsky

2002 – N/A

2021 – Dre Marie-Hélène Girouard, Dre Lyne Ménard, Dre Margaret Henri

2020 – Dre Véronique Phan, Dr Alain Papineau, Dr Pierre Larouche

2019 – Dr Philippe Karazivan, Dr Lucas Sidéris, Dr Réjean Duplain

2018 – Dre Mélanie Vincent, Dre Véronique Castonguay, Dr Jean-Sébastien Lebon

2017 – Dre Isabelle Tardiff, Dre Diane Robert, Dr Lucie Morin

2016 – Dre Chantal Lafond, Dre Marie-France Pelland, Dr Patrick Hamel

2015 – Dre Carole Lambert, Dr Stephanie Raymond-Carrier, Dr Vincent Jobin

2014 – Dr. Stéphane Ouellet, Dr. Stéphane P. Ahern, Dr. Nathalie Caire Fon

2013 – Louise Authier, François Bénard, Eric Drouin

2012 – Monique St-Martin, Guy Lalonde, Carl Fournier

2011 – Bernard Charlin, Genevieve Gregoire, Yvette Lajeunesse

2010 – Claire Beliveau, François Donati, Louis Guertin

2009 – Paule Lebel, Steven Lapointe, Michele David

2008 – Serge Normand, Josee Dubois, Roger Ladouceur

2007 – Jean Paradis, Louise Authier, Robert Thivierge

2006 – Christian Bourdy, Jean Pelletier, Bernard Lespérance

2005 – Andree Boucher, Marie-Josee Dupuuis, Alain Vadeboncoeur

2004 – Marcel Julien, Richard Ratelle, Pierre Drolet

2003 – Serge Dubé, Judith Latour, Jean-Luc Perreault

2021 – Dr. Lara Hazelton, Ms. Judy Buchanan

2020 – Dr. Joanne MacDonald, Dr. Jennifer Hall

2019 – Dr Stephen Miller, Dr Mark Bosma

2018 – Dr Robert Boulay, Dr Geoff Williams

2017 – Dr Lorri Beatty, Dr Angie McGibbon

2016 – Dr Anna MacLeod, Dr Samuel Campbell

2015 – Dr Mohsin Rashid, Dr Janice Chisholm

2014 – Dr Patricia Livingston, Dr Wendy Anne Stewart

2013 – Dr Christine Dipchand, Dr Fiona Bergin

2012 – Dr Peter MacDougall, Dr John Fraser

2011 – Dr David Byers, Dr George Kephart

2010 – Lynette Reid

2009 – Cathy Cervin

2008 – Allan Cook

2007 – Sarah Shea

2006 – Evelyn Sutton

2005 – Moncton Hospital Med Ed Program

2004 – Ian Mobbs

2003 – Connie LeBlanc

2002 – Toni Suzuki Laidlaw

2021 – Dr. Jasbir Gill

2020 – Dr Susan MacDonald

2019 – Dr Taryn Hearn

2018 – Dr Tanis Adey

2017 – Dr Wanda Parsons

2016 – Dr Noel O’Regan

2015 – Dr. Sharon Peters

2014 – Dr. Mary K Wells

2013 – Robert Miller

2012 – June Harris

2011 – Fern Brunger

2010 – Alan Goodridge

2009 – Daniel MacPhee

2008 – Cheri Bethune

2007 – Bill Bavinton

2006 – Ann Colborne

2005 – Sean Hamilton

2004 – William Pryse-Phillips

CAME Certificate of Merit Award

CAME is pleased to celebrate the recipients of the 2021 CAME Certificate of Merit which promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

Please join us in congratulating these individuals for their commitment to medical education in Canada!

CAME Certificate of Merit Award

CAME is pleased to celebrate the recipients of the 2020 CAME Certificate of Merit which promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

Please join us in congratulating these individuals for their commitment to medical education in Canada!