CAME Mid-Career Achievement Award

CAME Mid-Career Achievement Award

Submissions for our 2023 award are now closed! Our adjudication committee is looking forward to reading your award packages! Thank you to all who participated.

The Award

This award recognizes a CAME member who is mid-career (i.e., 10-20 years since their first faculty appointment) and who demonstrates a continued pattern of meaningful contribution to medical education. This award is not intended to be a lifetime achievement award, but rather a recognition for those who consistently are working towards ensuring best practices in medical education across the continuum of training.

There are two categories for this award: one for PhDs (or equivalent), and one for MDs. Nominees are expected to demonstrate that throughout their careers, they have shown a commitment to working towards excellence in medical teaching and/or scholarship, through contributions including (but not restricted to) mentorship, publications, policy and guidelines documents, innovative approaches to instruction, assessment methods and tools, curriculum design, and/or development of learning resources.

Nomination Requirements 
Nominees must be CAME members. The initial nomination must be made by a CAME
member. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors
or the CAME Awards Committee are not eligible as nominees. Nominations must be
formally resubmitted each year to be considered.

Eligibility criteria:

Nominees must be mid-career, defined as 10-20 years since their first faculty appointment. Nominees must be current members of CAME. Current members of the CAME Board/Executive are not eligible for this award during their term.

Selection criteria:

The CAME Awards Committee will evaluate candidates based on the following criteria. There should be an evident commitment to improving medical education through a variety of means. The nomination package should clearly provide evidence of how the nominee has demonstrated continuity and meaningfulness in their commitments to the advancement of medical education. Nomination packages should provide specific evidence of the impact of the nominee’s activities over time. The impact of these contributions should be documented at least at the national level.

Submissions for our 2023 award are now open! Our adjudication committee is looking forward to reading your award packages! The nomination deadline has been extended to Friday, September 29, 2023. 

Selection Criteria

The CAME Awards Committee will evaluate candidates based on:

  1. Teaching activities
    • Quantity, breadth, quality
  2. Educational innovations / learning resources for learners and/or educators.
    • Degree of innovation, breadth of the innovations, acting as a catalyst, etc.
  3. Research activities in medical education
    • Funding: quantity, funds received, quality
    • Scientific publications
    • Scientific presentations
  4. Overall impact of the candidate’s activities
  5. Leadership and administrative roles in medical education

Submission requirements

Submissions must include:

  1. One nomination letter from a CAME member that includes specific and compelling details about the nominee’s achievements, qualifications, and contributions -in each of the above criteria- showcasing why they are a worthy candidate for the award.
  2. A maximum of three letters of support each providing persuasive and relevant information that validates and amplifies the nominee’s qualifications, achievements, and impact on the field of medical education.
  3. The nominee’s complete curriculum vitae.
  4.  A current head shot of the nominee.
  5.  A short bio of the nominee which will be circulated to membership and on social media should they be chosen as the 2023 Mid-Career Achievement Award winner.

Nominees are encouraged to contact their local CAME representative for support in the application process.

Please submit nominees for the 2023 Mid-Career Achievement Award via the nomination form.