CAME Service Award

CAME Service Award

Submissions for our 2023 award are now closed! Our adjudication committee is looking forward to reading your award packages! Thank you to all who participated.

The Award

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to improving education in medical education. This award will be presented to an individual who has made major contributions to service and leadership in medical education in Canada.

Nominees are expected to demonstrate a consistent pattern of contributing to service and leadership in multiple aspects of medical education at local, provincial/territorial, and/or national and/or international levels. Nominees should have a strong record of contributions including mentorship (both formal and informal), leadership, and support of individuals and organizations in medical education. This should include acting as a member on committees and working groups related to medical education, participation and leadership in activities and events related to medical education, contributions to peer review across multiple contexts, and active engagement in associations, Colleges, or other national groups whose mandate includes oversight and improvement of medical education in Canada.

The award will be presented at a virtual award event scheduled for Monday, December 4, 2023 at 6:00pm Eastern. The recipient will receive a commemorative award.

Eligibility criteria:

Nominees must be current members of CAME. Current members of the CAME Board/Executive are not eligible for this award during their term.

Selection criteria:

The CAME Awards Committee will evaluate candidates based on the following criteria. It is important that nomination packages clearly demonstrate how the candidate meets the requirement of a pattern of contributions, including how the individual has shown consistent and impactful service and leadership to further or improve medical education in Canada. Nomination packages should provide specific evidence to support claims about the candidate’s pattern of contributions throughout their careers.

Submissions for our 2023 award are now open! Our adjudication committee is looking forward to reading your award packages! The nomination deadline has been extended to Friday, September 29, 2023. 

Selection Criteria

The CAME Awards Committee will evaluate candidates based on:

  1. Service related to medical education
    • Committees, participation in accreditation site visits, editorial board membership, etc. (local, provincial, and/or national, and/or international);
    • Active engagement in peer-review activities (e.g., reviews of journal submissions, conference abstracts, grant applications, award applications, etc.)
    • Contribution to the activities of least one national or international Association, College, Consortium, etc., whose mandate is furthering interests of and/or excellence in medical education in Canada.
    • Contributions to policy or guidelines documents, white papers, resources, etc.
  2. Leadership abilities and duties
    • At the local, provincial, and/or national, and/or international levels.
  3. Meaningful impact of the candidate’s activities beyond the local context that furthers medical education in Canada
    • Mentorship activities (informal and/or formal).
    • Scientific contributions such as presentations or publications related to service or leadership in medical education

Submission requirements

Submissions must include:

  1. One nomination letter from a CAME member that includes specific and compelling details about the nominee’s achievements, qualifications, and contributions -in each of the above criteria- showcasing why they are a worthy candidate for the award.
  2. A maximum of three letters of support each providing persuasive and relevant information that validates and amplifies the nominee’s qualifications, achievements, and impact on the field of medical education.
  3. The nominee’s complete curriculum vitae.
  4.  A current head shot of the nominee.
  5.  A short bio of the nominee which will be circulated to membership and on social media should they be chosen as the 2023 Award for Service to Medical Education in Canada winner.

Nominees are encouraged to contact their local CAME representative for support in the application process.

Please submit nominees for the 2023 Award for Service to Medical Education in Canada via the nomination form.