CAME Research Award Winners

2017 CAME Research Award Winners

CAME would like to recognize the following award winners from CCME 2017.

Oral Presentation Faculty

OD 4-2 – An Integrative Approach To Breast Pathology Kuo-Hsing Kuo, Joyce M. Leo, Diana Ionescu, Malcolm Hayes, University of British Columbia

OC 4-3 Building Mental Health Capacity in Primary Care: An Evaluation of an Extension of Community Health Outcomes (ECHO) Tele-Medicine Continuing Professional Development Pilot Sanjeev Sockalingam, Allison Crawford, University of Toronto, Amanda Arena, Eva Serhal, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, JavedAlloo, East GTA Family Health Group.

OC 7-6 – Exploring discourses of compassionate care in an age of evidence based practice Lindsay Baker, Stella Ng, Yasmin Nasirzadeh, Farah Friesen, Karen Gold, Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis, University of Toronto, Elizabeth Northup, Ryerson University

OC 5-3 – Defining clinical reasoning: a BEME scoping study Meredith Young, Valerie Dory, Stuart Lubarsky, Aliki Thomas, McGill, Lambert Schuwirth, Flinders University, Joe Rencic, Tufts, Temple Ratcliffe, University of Texas at San Antonio, Eric Holmboe, ACGME, Larry Gruppen, Tiffany Ballard, University of Michigan, David Gordon, Duke University, Ana Da Silva, Swansea University, Steven Durning, Uniformed Services of the Health Sciences

Oral Presentations - Trainees

OB 2-3 – Digital Professionalism: responsible social media use in the training of young health care professionals Tina Felfeli, Susan Rice, Erika Abner, Mark Bonta, University of Toronto

OA 5-4 – “Weaving with common threads”: Using multi-voicedness methodology to explore surgeons’ reflections and experiences with complex cases. Meredith Barr, Sayra Cristancho, Emily Field, Western University

OA 7-5 – Faculty Engagement in Distributed Education – What is it? Melissa Cookson, Dr. Bertha Garcia, Natalie Sirizzotti, Ruby Rai, Leslie Boisvert, Danny Kim, Dr. George Kim, Western University, Dr. Karl Stobbe, McMaster University, Cheri Bethune, Memorial – University of Newfoundland, Dr. Barb Zelak, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Dr. James Goertzen, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Dr. Marie-Helene Girouard, Université de Montréal

Poster Presentations Faculty

DP 6-1 – Engineering the Educational Environment – Developing a Teaching Clinic at an academic community hospital Elizabeth Wooster, Jerry Maniate, Douglas Wooster, University of Toronto

PC 5-3 – Training Residents Using eConsult (TRUE): leveraging the Champlain BASE eConsult service to enhance practice-based learning in ambulatory care for resident physicians Douglas Archibald, Christopher Johnson, KarimaKhamisa, Dora Liu, Glenn Posner, Heather Lochnan, Clare Liddy, Erin Keely, Christopher Tran, University of Ottawa Amir Afkham, Champlain Local Health Integration Network

DP 8-1 – Impacts of studying in a cross provincial regional medical campus on further practice location Michel Landry, Anouk Utzschneider, Université de Sherbrooke

Poster Presentations - Trainees

PE 2-2 – Evaluating the Utility of an Interprofessional Model in Delivering Breastfeeding Education to Future Healthcare Providers Adam Yan, University of Toronto, Nathan Nickel, Jordan Crosina, Heather Dean, University of Manitoba

PC 4-5 – Coaching for Coaches: Providing Peer Support and Advice for ePortfolio Coaches through Video Module Prasham Dave, Amy B. Fraser, Anna Byszewski, University of Ottawa

PE 3-3 – “Getting to Know Patients’ System of Care” (GPS-Care) Experience: A Novel Simulation in Undergraduate Medical Education for Exploring the Challenges of Inteprofessional Patient Care Aatif Qureshi, Zarah Chaudhary, Yvonne Kwok, Marcus Law, Maria Mylopoulos, Sanjeev Sockalingam, University of Toronto